whats your faction?

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abnegation, dauntless, amity, candor,erudite or divergent

  1. you having a stand off with a dog and only have four options to protect your self

    • run
    • tackle him
    • fall through the floor
    • grab the meat
    • grab the knife
  2. a scary man askes you who the killer is on the news paper you

    • punch him
    • lie
    • run
    • tell him
  3. a homeless man on the street you...

    • feed him
    • ignore him
    • give him money
    • insult him
  4. your drowning in a class tank you ..

    • have a melt down
    • break the glass
    • dream of god
    • stuff the pipe with your jacket
  5. you have to jump off the train

    • you dont jump out of fear
    • you jump
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