Which Johnny Depp character are you?

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Willy Wonka, Edward Scissors hands, Jack Sparrow...? Let's see.

  1. What has been the most difficult thing you've been trough off?

    • Being accepted for what I am, also if I'm so different from everybody.
    • A difficult childhood, with a father that didn't accept my dreams and never supported me.
    • The war in my country, losing my job and being under a villain's control.
  2. You're home alone, you want to eat/drink something, what do you choose?

    • I'd choose something sweet: candies or chocolate.
    • I think I'd choose an hot drink, like chocolate, coffee or tea.
    • I'd probably choose the first thing that I can reach
  3. You're going out with friends, what's the thing you could NEVER forget?

    • My WONDERFUL hat.
    • Anything that would make them happy.
    • A snack or something sweet to eat.
  4. You have to take an important decision, what do you do?

    • I let destiny decide for me.
    • I panic, but after I calmed down, I try to decide.
    • I let others decide for me.
  5. Someone you like asks you to do something you don't want to do, you...

    • I say NO.
    • I'll make it just if I find good reasons that could convince me!
    • I make it anyway.
  6. Your best friend always says you're wonderful, but suddenly you're not his favored anymore you...

    • I can't accept it! I'll fight until I have my friend back!
    • I accept it, also if it hurts me.
    • I won't do anything until someone else would be inclined to help me.
  7. A person you were really attached to, suddenly goes away...

    • I cry for days then I go away too.
    • I knew that would happen, but I'm still not ready for this.
    • I try to convince her/him to come back.
  8. Someone made something really unfair to you...

    • I get really angry, I will never forgive him!
    • I accept it, without saying anything.
    • I look for someone to help me with my revenge.
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    • ff
  10. fsregfygayfu??

    • fjshhd ovvio!
    • nhdjdn!
    • zkabhakb ahah
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