Which Batman Villain would you be friends with?

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Would you chill with Mr. Freeze? Or would you rather hang with The Joker?

  1. What are you looking for in a friend?

    • Someone loyal, but cool.
    • Someone to help you make decisions
    • Normal stuff, loyalty, trust, respect
    • Someone with a WICKED sense of humor!
    • A man who asks lots of questions, and always keeps you thinking.
    • A person who cares about the planet as much as you
    • A friend who will laugh at horror movies with you
  2. What kind of clothes do you usually wear?

    • Anything neon and crazy!
    • I dress as little as possible
    • Bulky clothes. People call me a robot.
    • Green. Green everywhere!
    • I'm usually well dressed, and put together
    • Uh, normal stuff? Pants, shirt, shoes..
    • One side of me is well dressed, the other is crazy! It depends on the day
  3. What kind of crime do you think you'd be accused of?

    • Asking too many questions, annoying the wrong people, the list goes on.
    • Protesting a demolition of a nature reservation.
    • None! Why would you even ask that?
    • Being too cool.
    • Assault. People tend to bring out my bad side.
    • Is being to scary a crime?
    • Murder. Definitely murder. No doubt about it.
  4. What would you do if you got mugged in the middle of the night in Gotham?

    • Ask the mugger why, and then distract them with a puzzle while you run!
    • Freeze, and hand over whatever they ask for.
    • Beat them up! Mug me? Ha!
    • GIVE THEM WHAT THEY WANT! Are you insane?
    • Distract them with your looks, then knock them unconscious. No one robs you.
    • Scare them, then run
    • Flip a coin to deiced whether you fight or not
  5. What does you bedroom look like?

    • Uh, neat? A normal room.
    • So messy you can't see the floor. A little of everything! Maybe some blood, who knows?
    • Full of plants and open windows
    • Modern, covered with books and old sayings.
    • One half of the room in nice and neat, the other is a mess.
    • I keep it as cold as possible.
    • Incredibly messy, covered in old puzzle books
  6. Would you ever kill someone?

    • Depends on what they did to me. I may just have to punish them!
    • If it means saving the people I care about? Yes. In a heartbeat.
    • No! I'm not a murderer!
    • Yeah, probably, if it was them or me.
    • I'll answer that with a riddle.
    • If it came down to it, I'd flip a coin to decide.
    • Yes. Even if I don't have to. Yes.
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