Which Game of Thrones Character Are You?

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You've read those long, plot twisting 600 page books or watched the show. Now find out who you really are.

  1. What awesome career would you pick of these choices?

    • A super spy
    • Becoming a mother
    • Joining the military
    • A Potion's Master like Snape in Harry Potter
    • Can't I just get married to a good- looking prince?
  2. Of these values, which is more important to you?

    • Kindness and goodness
    • Fearlessness, even in the face of death
    • Keeping promises
    • Not allowing anyone to get to know the real me.
    • Knowing everything
    • Staying alive
  3. What do you think about having children? Careful, you might have one of these...

    • Never!!
    • It's scary at first, but I'd probably find that it isn't so bad.
    • If I marry the right person.
    • Children are all that matter, especially when things get tough.
  4. Are you sexually active? Be honest.

    • Well, there was that one time...
    • I'm very sexually active, and everyone seems to be in my business about it.
    • No one knows just how many partners I've had, but they might find out...
    • Um... yes... *runs away*
    • I want to have sex, but no one seems to be interested.
    • Absolutely not! I must maintain my purity!
  5. Are you a man or a woman?

    • I'm definitely a man, but not very attractive.
    • I'm not a girl. Not yet a woman.
    • I'm a woman, but many people mistake me for a man.
    • I'm neither.
    • I'm a man, but you might call me pretty.
  6. What do you dream about?

    • Ruling the world. Duh!
    • Somewhere warm.
    • Home.
    • I always have strange dreams that don't make any sense. Must be all those "potions" I took.
    • I always seem to have dreams of people murdering me.
  7. How do you think people see you?

    • Everyone underestimates me.
    • They either love me or hate me.
    • I hate people. That is all that matters.
    • Everyone kind of forgets I'm around.
    • People always seem to be looking up to me.
    • People are afraid of me, but I'm not entirely sure why.
    • I want to be liked by everyone, but I figured out that you usually hurt the people you like the most.
  8. If the world was ending, what would you do?

    • Hide.
    • Drink!
    • At least try to save the world.
    • Run! Oh wait, the world isn't ending? *Slowly walk back*
  9. Why do you watch Game of Thrones?

    • I don't! It's horrible! The nudity and the killing! Oh the killing!
    • For the Stark family. Ned must have vengeance!
    • For the good characters that are left. Maybe they will all find a way to work together.
    • For Tyrion, of course!
    • To find out who will win the Iron Throne.
    • I just like all the plot developments and the twists and turns at every corner. I would like to think I can predict what will happen next.
  10. How do you avoid conflict?

    • Keeping promises has kept me out of trouble. Oh wait... never mind.
    • Just... run!
    • Switch sides... and often.
    • Make sure that I have the upper hand no matter what.
    • No one can avoid conflict. The best thing to do is know everything you can about your enemy.
    • Start lots of rumors, but do the one thing I didn't say I would do. Oh wait, you said avoid conflict?
  11. Describe your friends in one word.

    • Kind
    • Powerful
    • Loyal
    • Stupid
    • What friends?
  12. How would you win the Iron Throne?

    • I wouldn't do too well as king. I wouldn't really make much of a "king" anyway.
    • I shall win it for the ones I love with patience and good will.
    • Marry the person sitting on it, and then they strangely and unexpectedly die. *Cough cough*
    • With fire and blood!
    • The most powerful people may just be the people sitting next to the chair.
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