The Avengers

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-includes Spider-man, X-men, Fantastic Four & Justice League-.

  1. Who's your favorite Hero?

    • Thor!
    • Hawkeye!
    • Black Widow!
    • Spider-man!
    • Not listed
    • Wolverine!
    • Captain America!
    • Hulk!
    • Iron-man!
  2. How big of a Super-Hero fan are you?

    • I love Marvel, their Super-hero's or non-super Hero's!
    • The biggest ever!
    • Not the biggest but I am a fan of theirs.
    • Other.
    • A big one!
  3. Would you rather have:

    • Hawkeye's Bow and Arrows?
    • Have a Iron-man suit?
    • Bat-man's gear?
    • Thor's Hammer?
    • Captain America's shield?
    • Spider-man's shooters?
    • Super-man's powers?
    • Wolverine's claws?
  4. Who do you believe would win a fight against each other:

    • Avengers of course!
    • X-men!
    • the Justice League will kick their butt's!
    • Other
    • It'll probably be a tie, since Wolverine is both a Avenger & X-man.
  5. Do you think Wolverine and Spider-man makes good Avengers?

    • Ehh Maybe...
    • Totally!
    • They should be. Their the best!
    • I dunno.
  6. Spider-man, should he or should he not get into the Avengers?

    • Totally he's the most awesome hero in Marvel!
    • Yes!
    • Nah, he's to low crime hero.
  7. Last Question: Should there be a Cartoon movie (or series) about the Avengers, X-men, Spider-man & Fantastic four all together?

    • Yes! that'll be awesome!
    • Maybe, it all depends on Marvel and Disney..
    • Nope, to many hero's
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