Which Disney Heroine Are You?

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Could you be Jasmine, Ariel or King Triton? Oh, wait he's not a woman, sorry.

  1. You're having lunch, what are you eating?

    • Whatever my three fairies are cooking.
    • Seafood.
    • My pet raccoon.
    • A red app..Maybe that's not a good idea.
    • Bean Curd and rice.
    • Gumbo.
    • The grey stuff, it's delicious!
    • My step-sisters' left overs.
    • Steak and kidney pudding.
    • Lamb and dates.
  2. It's a beautiful day outside, what are you doing gurl?

    • Sneaking out into town and almost losing a limb.
    • Cleaning, and slowly losing my sanity because of my abusive family. Oh, dad, why?!
    • Singing.
    • Cooking.
    • Diving off cliffs that would be improbable to do so in real life.
    • Picking flowers and socializing with cute critters.
    • Collecting, and hoarding items of interest.
    • Observing and drawing animals...And getting chased by them.
    • Reading.
    • Riding my horse.
  3. How Would You Save the Day?

    • Do nothing but fall asleep.
    • Show up on your horse, and cry "no, Gaston!" a few times, proclaim your love and let the rest take care of itself.
    • Keep the antagonist busy, but get trapped in an hourglass filled with sand. (Don't worry, your man saves you.)
    • Do nothing but fall asleep. Yet, you were the first one to do it so that makes it cool.
    • Destroy an amulet.
    • Save your honey again, and inadvertently distract the villain before they're destroyed.
    • Try to help, but get knocked out by a poacher.
    • Blow up the bad guy. Woo!
    • Your foot fits a slipper that surprisingly doesn't match anyone else.
    • Stand in between your father, and lover. But, have it be totally pointless when the latter gets harmed anyway.
  4. Would You Rather?

    • Be asleep for all eternity?
    • Choose the wrong path?
    • Be a servant 24/7?
    • Dishonor your family?
    • Turn into a frog?
    • Never be able to explore other worlds?
    • Live with seven little men?
    • Be locked away forever?
    • Live according to society's standards?
    • Marry someone you don't love?
  5. What type of guy do you prefer?

    • A diamond in the rough.
    • Someone whose open minded.
    • An ignorant foreigner who simply doesn't know.
    • A musician.
    • A man of few words.
    • A captain.
    • A wild man.
    • A sea lover.
    • A soprano singer.
    • An anthropomorphic wolf, buffalo, and lion type creature with a heart of gold lying underneath.
  6. What Do You Always Have?

    • My pet tiger.
    • A sketch book.
    • Three fairies. (At least when I'm high.)
    • A dream.
    • My mother's necklace.
    • A dinglehopper.
    • Tabasco.
    • My identity.
    • A book.
    • A smile, and a song.
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