Which Scream mastermind killer are you?

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Why would you want to kill the infamous Sydney Prescott? Take this quiz to find out.

  1. Do you like horror movies?

    • Only if I can benefit from them
    • Yeah. fun to watch
    • only if it involves me
    • So much that I would like to make one
  2. Do you hate Sydney?

    • the real hatred lies with her mother but you got to do what you got to do right?
    • Does everything have to be about her?
    • Yes. She had what I deserved
    • i never did but I have reason to
  3. Who is your sidekick?

    • Someone I can both trust and manipulate. Idiot.
    • No one. I only have weak youngsters to set my plan in motion.
    • Someone who I can bribe but at the same time easily encourage because they have such a messed up background.
    • Someone who praises me. Someone has to worship me instead of Sydney right?
  4. What is your motive?

    • Old bitch deserves to be put down. It's my time to shine. i'm younger and prettier.
    • She killed someone close to me. She deserves to die.
    • Bitch had the worst mother who messed up my life.
    • She took a part of my life I can never get back.
  5. Once you kill her, who takes the blame?

    • easy, her father. He misses his promiscuous wife too you know.
    • i won't be killing her, SELF DEFENSE (wink wink)
    • She simply died . I'm the survivor here hello?
    • The crazed horror loving film student.
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