Which Pixar Villain are you?

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Are you a stylish Syndrome, or a dangerous Hopper? Or maybe even evil Lotso? Now it's time to find out who your inner Pixar villain is!

  1. When someone does something embarrassing to you, your reply "It's fine" actually means...

    • I'll never forget you.
    • Can't wait to embarrass you.
    • I'm going to make your life miserable.
    • I'm gonna squish you like a bug. Soon.
    • I'm killing you later.
  2. A few people you barely know start making fun of you, so you...

    • Start a rumor about them.
    • Calmly start thinking of ways to get back at them.
    • Turn around and slug them in the face. They were bad looking anyway.
    • You wonder how you brainwash them.
  3. Someone put a bunch of fake spiders in your seat, and you're deathly afraid of Spiders. You...

    • Give a laugh. You know who did it, and you're laughing at what you're about to do to them.
    • Scream! Then Scream "Who the #@$# did this!?!?"
    • You smile, then promptly dump them on the desk of the person you dislike the most.
    • You take them home, mutant them into one giant ugly creature, wrap it in a big box and deliver it. You wait for the fun.
  4. Pick a saying:

    • First rule of leadership; everything is your fault.
    • Where's you're kid now, sheriff?
    • You can't count on anyone, especially your heroes.
    • No one's ever attempted a double bypass brain transplant....
    • The winds of change; can you hear it?
  5. You're dream day may include:

    • Hiding out in the mall
    • Getting your hair done in style.
    • Being in charge of the world.
    • Creating a zombie video game
    • Getting a massage. Period.
  6. You're waiter takes forever, and when he comes around he's only just now bringing your drink. You...

    • Smile, and sneak a firecracker on the tray.
    • Grab him by the collar, lift him off the ground and yell at the top of your lungs, "Where's my FOOD?!?!"
    • Snap and demand he bring out your food.
    • Get up and leave. This place has bad food anyway.
  7. Someone puts a tack on your seat, so you...

    • Dump half of your tacks on the person's seat.
    • Put it in their seat.
    • Give everyone you dislike at least one tack on their seat.
  8. Pick a color.

    • Brown
    • Silver
    • Black
    • Red
    • Purple
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