which dog fits your personality

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want a perfect choice for a life companions

  1. what kind of dog do you want

    • sports,high energy dog
    • guard dog .to leave your trust in
    • a cuddle friend.like a small low energy dog
    • a dog whom you walk with to show off and make people scared of you
  2. what size of dog suits your enviroment

    • i want a huge one.i love huge dogs
    • big enough to make people scared
    • a small one that never grow so i can cuddle him
    • any size...what matters is the loyalty
  3. if you have one hour with your dog where will you spend it

    • going for a walk
    • just leave him rest in peace
    • playing soccer with him at the beach
    • washing him and playing in the soap
  4. how smart you want your dog to be

    • want him dumb to make goofy things with each other xD
    • very smart
    • does not matter if he can fetch
    • smart enough to make him learn
  5. how much do you exercise

    • lots could be all day just to make him learn
    • 2 days or more a weak is good
    • i dont.. just want a dog
  6. which kind of home do you have

    • a small one
    • not so small
    • wide with a yard
    • fits for a horse
  7. when you are at the park what will you ride

    • closer to ground mean safer!!!
    • any thing that i wont throw out in it
    • a roller coaster
    • child games cause i am scared
  8. do you have children

    • no
    • 2 to 4
    • 4 to 10
    • babies
    • i have teen agers
  9. how much do fur bother you

    • hate it
    • could not care less
    • dont worry
  10. are you willing to train your dog to walk without a leash

    • nop
    • any dog must have a leash
    • leashes are for monsters
  11. if any one offered you cash to sign your dog in fighting contest will you agree

    • dog fighting.. seriously
    • sure..money is also good
    • no...and without explaining a reason
    • will think about it
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