Which Disney Princess are you?

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find out which disney princess shares your unique personality!

  1. What do you normally do during a Saturday?

    • Watch Netflix until Sunday...
    • Go out with the girls!
    • Talk all day with my boyfriend.
    • A mix of all three i guess...
  2. You like this boy in you're class. You decide to...

    • Keep quiet and wait for him to ask you out...
    • Ask him out!
    • Tell him how you feel but don't insist on dating.
    • wait...you know he likes you too.
  3. Its movie night, you want to watch...

    • One where there's at least one scene where someone gets high...
    • A documentary on wildlife or anything educational.
    • A romantic comedy.
    • An adventurous movie with alot of explosions and action!!!
  4. Whats your favorite drink?

    • Hard liquor...DOWN THE HATCH!!!
    • Soda...you're addicted to caffeine, not alcohol.
    • A fine wine or champagne...something sophisticated but can still get you drunk.
    • Tea...you don't do alcohol.
  5. What was or is your favorite class?

    • Lunch
    • Art
    • None...you skip them most of the time.
    • I don't really know...all of them?
    • English
  6. What makes a good TV show?

    • When they throw in some good information here and there...
    • One with a ton of action!
    • One with a good love story.
    • One where people make ALOT of bad decisions.
  7. Lastly, what is your favorite hair color?

    • Blonde.
    • Red, who says they don't have souls?
    • Brown, it's originally beautiful...
    • It doesn't really matter to me.
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