What Kind of a Keyblade Wielder are you?

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Are you a master or is it just not meant to be?

  1. Favorite keyblade?

    • Master Xehanort's keyblade
    • Unbound
    • Oathkeeper
    • Lea's keyblade
    • Oblivion
    • Zero/One
  2. Which is more important, light or darkness?

    • The light will always cast a shadow, but darkness will never cause light
    • Both are needed, but darkness is a little more important
    • Doesn't matter, whatever works is important at that moment
    • LIGHT!
    • Darkness helps staying hidden
    • They are equally important
  3. Upon receiving a keyblade, what's your first course of action?

    • Whatever I'm told by my master
    • Explore the worlds
    • I would find a master and train
    • Take out some heartless
    • Depends where I am, but probably have lots of fun
    • I'd follow my friends wherever they went
  4. A battle between you and a simple heartless happens, what goes through your mind?

    • This is gonna be fun!
    • It's not worth my time, though a very interesting creature
    • Gotta start somewhere
    • I can do this, but help is always nice. No matter how simple.
    • I got this!
    • The first of many...
  5. Your master sends you on a task and you get side tracked, how do you explain this to your master?

    • I'd explain, but not tell him everything
    • I should tell him, but I'd try and hide it
    • I'd let my teammates do the talking
    • What my master doesn't know won't hurt him
    • I'd explain it all to him
    • I only got side tracked because it helped me with my mission. He'll understand
  6. Someone you love is in danger, how do you react?

    • I would enlist the aid of my teammates to save him/her
    • Love is an attachment I may not have the luxury to create
    • I'm not supposed to unless it's part of a mission...
    • I'd call upon the darkness within me to save them
    • Doesn't matter what happens, I'll always be there to bring them back
    • I would do anything to save them
  7. Your master is angry at you for disobeying, why did you?

    • He's not so much angry, but frustrated. I proved him wrong
    • I made sure my teammates were okay before finishing the mission
    • I never disobey a direct order
    • I strayed from the path laid before me and made my own mission
    • I thought I could finish the mission on my own...
    • I didn't really disobey, I met a new master I like more that he doesn't approve of
  8. Feeling like your master has nothing left to teach you, what's your course of action?

    • I've never listened much to him to begin with, so this isn't a surprise
    • I'd leave him
    • I'd ask him for advice, I still respect him
    • I'd request the mark of mastery exam
    • I'm part of a team. My fellow students were here for me so I'll be here for them
    • I already knew a lot before I came to him. I'll just do as he asks
  9. How do you feel about being on a team?

    • Fine, so long as no one strays from the mission
    • Orders are orders. If I need to be on a team, so be it
    • I just hope they're not stuffy people who won't adapt the mission to our needs
    • I love teams, but I do work really well alone
    • I am the leader. No exceptions.
    • I love being on a team!
  10. You're now a master, how do you feel?

    • I expected this
    • Deeply honored
    • Not what I expected, I guess now I have to give the orders, huh?
    • This is . . . wow, just wow
    • This is awesome! This has been my dream for a long time now!
    • Now no one will yell at me for making my own missions!
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