Which Vampire Diaries Big Bad Speaks to Your Inner Demon?

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Do you have a Katherine Piece deep inside you or is it more of an evil Kai?

  1. Pick an animal:

    • Fox
    • Horse
    • Bear
    • Snake
  2. What would are you most likely to be arrested for?

    • Impersonating a police officer
    • Murder
    • Jay walking
    • Damage of public property
  3. What group were you in at school?

    • The jocks
    • The mathletes
    • The cheerleaders
    • The nerds
  4. Pick a pizza topping:

    • ham, salami and sausage
    • Anchovies
    • Spicy salami
    • Ham and pineapple
  5. You see someone being mugged, what do you do?

    • Do nothing
    • Intervene to try and help
    • Call the police but walk away
    • Wait until the mugger leaves and then steal the victims shoes as well.
  6. Choose a drink:

    • Coffee
    • Water
    • Whiskey
    • Beer
  7. If you were a vampire, how would you die?

    • Being stabbed in the heart by a wooden stake
    • Werewolf bite
    • Decapitation
    • Burned to a crisp by being left in the sun
  8. Choose a vacation destination:

    • French alps
    • Camping in the national parks
    • A cruise around Antartica
    • Las Vegas
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