Whose Side of Civil War Are You On? Let Tumblr Memes Decide!

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You might think you know whether you're Pro- or Anti-Registration, but you could be wrong. The true answer lies in your answers to these Tumblr memes, of course!

  1. Hard or soft 'g' in GIF?

    • It's 'gif'!
    • It's 'jif'!
  2. Angel or Spike?

    • Angel and Buffy forever!
    • Spike and Buffy forever!
  3. 'Frozen' or 'Tangled'?

    • 'Frozen'!
    • 'Tangled'!
  4. How do you sing these T-Swift lyrics?

    • List of ex-lovers!
    • Starbucks lovers!
  5. 'Star Wars' or 'Star Trek'?

    • Wars!
    • Trek!
  6. Your starter Pokémon of choice?

    • Charmander or Squirtle, definitely
    • Bulbasaur forever!
  7. RDJ or Cumberbatch?

    • Cumberbatch!
    • RDJ!
  8. iPhone or Android?

    • iPhone!!
    • Android!
  9. Is Boromir a hero or villain?

    • Hero!
    • Villain!
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