what pretty little liar are you?

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Aria,Emily,Hanna or Spencer which little liar are you deep down?

  1. you find a £($)50 note on the floor do you

    • hand it in to the nearest shop, its not yours and someone has probably worked hard to earn that!
    • keep it you could get a nice gucci lipstick with that !
    • spend it on books because you can never have too many of them!
    • give it to a homeless person they need it more than you!
  2. does it matter to you what others think of your looks?

    • 50/50 i like to be comfy in my surroundings but if that means that i could look like a fool then i would have to say no!
    • uh yes i have a reputation to uphold i cant just been seen in joggers and no makeup!
    • i don't really but my family forces me to look nice all the time so i'm sort of used to making an effort now! :(
    • no not at all! as long as i'm in comfy and chilled i don't care in fact i should go and show off how cute i look in my new joggers and hoodie by going to the nearest coffee shop!
  3. you are walking the school hallways when you notice that someones getting bullied because they're geeky what do you do?

    • of course i help them no one should be picked on just because they have a higher intelligence than anyone else! the losers doing the bulling will be the ones flipping burgers
    • i rugby tackle at full charge at the bully and knock them over and give them a good punch and slap across the face that will teach them #toosassy
    • i would love to help them but i cant become and outcast when its took me this long to actually become this popular this will ruin my rep completely
    • i help them up but i don't say anything to the bully just make them know that they're wrong!
  4. your at the confectionery aisle at wall mart and notice some popular girls next to you what sugary snack do you pick?

    • a milk chocolate bar- i don't like sweets but i do like chocolate
    • 10 different items - not my fault they're 3 for 2 plus theirs too many too chose from!
    • nothing- i cant have carbs you go snd joint the 2 girls and go shopping in th
    • low fat protein bar - i don't care about the girl next to me but i need to keep up my body health
  5. if you were a song what would you be?

    • express yourself by labyrinth - its totally me!
    • pretty/unpretty by glee cast - this song describes how pretty you are but you know you dont feel it on the inside
    • final countdown by Europe - you love the intense vibe it gives it reminds you of your sporting successes
    • any thing classical suits me
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