Which character from Finding Nemo are you?

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Just keep swimming through these questions to find out if you are all hunky-Dory, as funny as a clownfish, or believe fish are friends - not food!

  1. What are "fish" to you?

    • Friends, not food
    • FISHIES!
    • There's so many!
    • Sweet
    • The future
    • Awesome, dude. All creatures great and small are awesome!
    • Tasty
    • My pals!
    • They are mostly ok
    • Unfortunate, my friend
  2. Where would you like to go?

    • P. Sherwhere?
    • The harbour
    • To the deep blue
    • Rocking the EAC!
    • FISHIES!
    • P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney!
    • Everywhere!
    • The Butt
    • Anywhere, dude!
    • To my father's
  3. What's your opinion on sea cucumbers?

    • I've never met one
    • FISHIES!
    • I actually know a joke about a mollusc and a sea cucumber - pshh hahaha, oh so funny!
    • I've ea- met a few. Top guys, if you ask me
    • I heard that they all come from one giant sea cucumber that lives below the reef, feeds on H2O intolerant fish, and waits for the day it can rise from the sea floor and take over the world!
    • They're sweet
    • Quick learners, the ol' sea cucumber. Nice fellows
    • They look like cucumbers... from the sea
    • Oh no, not again
    • Do they count as fish?
  4. What do you think of the ocean?

    • I couldn't live without it!
    • FISHIES!
    • It is often interesting, but it can be a scary and dangerous place
    • I love the ocean!
    • Ah, the ocean. Natural. Home
    • So much to explore!
    • The perfect habitat for fish and reformed predators alike to live in peace harmoNy
    • The ocean is a chill place to be, my friend!
    • I like it, but my friend is H2O intolerant
    • Just keep swimming
  5. What couldn't you live without?

    • Friends
    • Companionship
    • Buddies
    • Awesome adventures
    • Family
    • Food
    • Freedom
    • Knowledge
    • Lucky fin
    • FISHIES!
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