what is your animal spirit?

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are you a tiger,frog,lion or wolf take the test and find out!

  1. what is your favorite animal out of the choices?

    • wolf
    • eagle
    • horse
    • frog
    • tiger
  2. do you like to exercise ?

    • yes, when ever i have the time i am jogging
    • No, i hate it!
    • i walk in place 3 times a day for 5 Min's.
    • does walking to the fridge count?
    • i do my daily, have to of exercise.
    • maybe once a week
  3. are you reliable ?

    • sometimes
    • no 'i can if you need me to tho.
    • yes , but if someone's in really bad trouble , i tell authority .
    • yes
    • no ,dont tell me " lalalalalalala"
  4. are you a dare devil?

    • Trust fall off a cliff ?, yea I am all in , just in case tell my ma I love her!
    • sometimes depends on the activity.
    • Can mommy come too?
    • I am in a big bubble ball right now!
    • "Of course" lets go swim with sharks
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