Why do you watch The100?

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What is the real reason of why you like The100? You know you like it but why.. Take the Quiz to find out

  1. What came to your mind when you saw the trailer or when you heard about the show?

    • I thought that the story seemed AWESOME!
    • I saw there were cute guys starring so..
    • I did see some romance in there
    • First thing I said was "I wanna watch it"
  2. Who is your favourite chracter?

    • Lincoln
    • Jaha
    • Bellamy
    • Finn
    • Other
    • Clarke
  3. Do you ship #Bellarke (Bellamy+Clarke)?

    • Absolutely
    • Noooo
    • HELL YEAH!!
    • HELL No!!
  4. Do you ship #Flarke(Finn+Clarke)?

    • HELL YEAH!
    • YEAH!!
    • Not much
    • NOOO!
  5. Let's play at who says what? Who says: "We're Back, B****S! (this one is easy)

    • Clarke
    • Octavia
    • Finn
    • Bellamy
  6. Who says: "I trust him"

    • Monty
    • Clarke
    • Finn
    • Octavia
  7. Who says: "Who we are and who we need to be to survive are two very diffrent things"

    • Clarke!
    • Someone don't remember
    • Bellamy
    • Finn?!
  8. Who says: "I found you"

    • Finn
    • Finn, god he was so creepy
    • Murphy?!
    • Raven
  9. What's your favourite genre of movie/series?

    • Sci-fi definitely
    • Action
    • Romantic Comedy
    • Comedy
  10. What do you usually like about a show?

    • The chemistry between two people
    • The cast
    • Cute Guys Duh
    • The romance
    • The Mystery
    • The characters
    • The action (I like action movies)
    • The story
  11. Last one: If you could be in The100, do you think you could survive?

    • With a leader like Clarke surely!
    • Definitely no! Only if Bellamy got my back
    • Yeah maybe
    • No way! With all those grounders and stuff
    • Yeah
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