Which Cinematic Superman Are You?

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There have been a fair few iconic versions of Superman - but which one are you most like? This quiz might just give you the answer...

  1. First up: What are your thoughts on Batman?

    • I don't trust him...
    • He seems like a decent enough guy.
    • That really depends...Which one?
    • He's a true hero.
  2. An important one, this: Should Lex Luthor have hair?

    • ALWAYS.
    • NEVER.
    • Meh, who cares?
    • I mean, sure. I guess.
  3. Similarly important: Should Lois Lane know your secret identity?

    • Nope. It's not safe...
    • Of course...
    • I guess? Eventually, at least...
    • I mean, sure. If she works it out...
  4. And, crucially: Jimmy Olsen. Good guy to have around?

    • I guess...
    • Yup. I love that guy!
    • I mean, sure...
    • Meh.
  5. OK. A little easier now: What's your favorite TV version of Batman?

    • Batman: The Brave and the Bold
    • Batman (The Original Series)
    • Batman Beyond
    • Batman: The Animated Series
  6. Alright - let's go for a few more underlying ones. What's your favorite Netflix show?

    • Daredevil (Yes, already...)
    • House of Cards
    • Arrested Development
    • Orange is the New Black
  7. And your favorite Ninja Turtle?

    • Donatello
    • Raphael
    • Leonardo
    • Michelangelo
  8. Preferred pasta dish?

    • Penne Bolognese
    • Rigatoni Carbonara
    • Plain Spaghetti
    • Lasagna
  9. Pick a classic teen drama...

    • The OC
    • One Tree Hill
    • Everwood
    • Dawson's Creek
  10. And, finally, the big one: Favorite classic Justice League hero?

    • Batman
    • The Flash
    • Wonder Woman
    • Green Lantern
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