How Long Would You Last in Saw?

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If you were stuck in a Saw trap, how long would you last? Take this quiz to find out!

  1. Jigsaw wants to play a game. What's your reaction?

    • Say "Bring it on!"
    • Cry.
    • Oh my gosh! Let's play Monopoly!
    • Scream bloody murder.
  2. Can you handle the sight of blood?

    • I really don't like blood.
    • EW!
    • I can deal with it.
  3. What kind of horror films do you like most?

    • Paranormal and Supernatural.
    • I am afraid of everything.
    • I don't watch horror movies, they're too scary.
    • Blood, guts and gore.
  4. If you had to gauge your own eyeball out to save the lives of you and three other people, would you do it?

    • Of course I would.
    • I don't want to die.
    • That's disturbing...
    • OH MY GOD NO!
  5. Have you ever done anything bad?

    • Maybe...
    • I've only ever stolen 5 bucks from someone.
    • I just robbed the liquor store last week.
    • I have never ever done anything bad.
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