Which Female Novel Character Are You?

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We're not talking Hermione, Annabeth, or Clary for this quiz, see which lesser known but equally cool lady of literature you most resemble, and maybe find something new to read along the way!

  1. If you could travel to any of the following locations, where would you go?

    • Somewhere magical where I don't have to be afraid to be myself. Somewhere I can create things.
    • I want to go to the hidden places within well known places, somewhere not everyone can access.
    • I'd like to jump into my favorite book and meet all of my favorite characters.
    • Somewhere in space! A new planet never before seen by humans.
  2. Someone asks you to run away with them. You don't know where you're going, are you up for the adventure?

    • Absolutely not. Trust is something not easily given, and I need to watch out for myself.
    • Yes! Anywhere in time and space, I'm ready to get out of here.
    • As long as I can take my gun with me, I want to be prepared for anything.
    • I'll go if I think it will help me achieve my quest.
  3. The man in your life is...

    • My weakness. I love him but I know that love makes you vulnerable, which I cannot afford to be.
    • A friend who helps me reach my goals. I don't want to use him, but my task is the most important thing to me.
    • The man who can take me to see the stars. Don't care much who that is.
    • The love of my life. I'll do anything to protect him and I fully intend to be with him always.
  4. You're in a life threatening situation. How do you react?

    • Diplomacy is the best path.
    • I use my intellect and inner power to make sure I am never in a vulnerable position.
    • I talk a lot and trust that an improbable solution will arise, which it usually does.
    • I'm all action. I don't need anyone to protect me, my instincts have always served me well.
  5. Your sense of style is

    • Whatever the locals are wearing wherever my adventures take me.
    • Function over fashion. Though people do tend to follow my lead.
    • A little hodge-podge bohemian, I like to blend in with my surroundings which are often urban and industrial.
    • Classical and sophisticated, something to cause a little intrigue.
  6. Finally, where do you most want to see yourself in life?

    • I just want to be free and safe. I want to be able to trust someone with my deepest secrets.
    • I want to be traveling the universe, meeting new people every day and having the time of my life.
    • I want to right the wrongs in my life and make life better for the people I care about.
    • My life is full of adventures, but I just want to settle down with the people I love.
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