The Vampire Diaries Quiz that will make you sweat!

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Think you know The Vampire Diaries? Get quizzed in the face with this test that's made just for you!

P.S. Your quiz result will not show how many questions you answered wrong or correct. If you get more than half or all correct you will get "No. 1 Fan" as your result! Comment down below if you liked the quiz!

  1. Who traps Klaus in the Gilbert's living room in season 4?

    • Damon
    • Esther
    • Bonnie
    • Katherine
  2. Who tells Elena that she is adopted?

    • Aunt Jenna
    • Stefan
    • Sheriff Forbes
    • Alaric
  3. Elena is the ________ Petrova Doppleganger?

    • Third
    • First
    • Fourth
    • Fifth
  4. Which vampire was romantically involved with Alexander (one of the five)?

    • Katherine
    • Tatia
    • Caroline
    • Rebekah
  5. Who was 12144 in the Augustine program?

    • Enzo
    • Stefan
    • Elijah
    • Damon
  6. What was Damon's code in the Augustine program?

    • 21509
    • 14527
    • 21051
    • 12144
  7. Instead of killing Amara, Qetsiyah made her what?

    • A mummy
    • The anchor to the Other Side
    • A magical tombstone
    • The Cure
  8. When Elena first turns into a vampire, she can't keep any kind of blood down other than human blood from the vein. Why?

    • She never tried to keep any other kind down
    • She chose not to as she didn't like the other types
    • She was cursed
    • Damon told her that she couldn't and because of the Sire bond she obeyed
  9. Other than Elena, who else has suffered the Hunter's Curse?

    • Katherine
    • Damon
    • Stefan
    • Klaus
  10. Who said it to whom? "Everybody loves a biter."

    • Damon to Elena
    • Kai to Elena
    • Stefan to Elena
    • Caroline to Tyler
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