What kind of Angel are you?

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Are you a warrior , a guardian , or one of the Fallen?

  1. What is your fave color?

    • Gray
    • Dark Purple
    • Silver
    • Blue
    • Blood Red
    • Pink
    • Black
  2. What is your opinion or mortals?

    • I love EVERYONE !!
    • I protect but only because it is my duty.
    • Mortals are wild animals meant to be ignored.
    • Mortal blood runs through my veins .. not much I can do about it.
    • My fathers sick obsession.
    • I exist to protect and guide.
    • My father chose a human over me !!!
  3. What is your reaction to two people fighting?

    • I love to see a good fight. I'm always right at the front.
    • I ignore all mortal problems.
    • I only care if it in turn effects the immortal realms.
    • Never a good thing .. but you must let the mortals choose their own fate.
    • Fighting is not good .. no one should fight! Everyone should love everyone else.
    • Eh .. not my problem.
    • Fight! Fight! Fight!
  4. Are you good with people when you happen to be around them ?

    • I don't talk to anybody .. I hide in my sanctuary and never come out.
    • Once again I ignore anything to do with Humans.
    • OF course I'm good with people! PEOPLE LOVE ME!!
    • I seek blood.
    • I almost never encounter humans.
    • I am immune to human emotions.
    • Humans adore me! :D
  5. What's your fave animal?

    • Bunny !!
    • Wolf
    • I don't give a shit.
    • Does it matter ???
    • Eagle
    • Dog
    • Snake
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