Are you clever, or NOT?

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Its all about your fantasy! dont use your logic only your FANTASY!!!!!!

  1. What do you say when you find two banana peels together?

    • Nothing, my mother will throw them.
    • A pair of slipper.
    • Nothing! You thrοw them to the trash!
  2. You have 5 apples in one hand and 5 apples in other hand. Now what do you have?

    • It's that a real question? WTF
    • A BIG HANDS!
    • 5 apple's!
  3. Why birds fly to southern parts to incubate?

    • Only the birds of instinctive migration will move south! And the fly to the south bcs changes the vine!
    • I dont know dude!
    • Because it is too long to walk.
  4. Name any thing that is as big as an elephant but weighs zero!

    • A big Fenizol not zero but easy to move!
    • it's impossible to think something!
    • An Elephant’s Shadow.
  5. You can chop it, punch it, beat it, threw it away. But it won’t get hurt. What it is?

    • water
    • jelly toy!
    • next next next!!
  6. An old man arrived on Friday to a village for a function. He stayed there for a couple of days and left the village on Friday. How is that possible?

    • He left the next Friday
    • Are you serius?
    • Possible. His reached the village on his horse, its name is FRIDAY.
  7. Name any one major reason that causes divorce.

    • incompatibility
    • foolish question!
    • Marriage
  8. What is the reason why you got low marks in history?

    • Exams
    • I'm dont care about history!
    • I dant have low marks in history!
  9. If 10 men took 50 days to construct a villa, how long will it take for 20 men to do the same work?

    • 25
    • No time required, because the villa is already built.
    • why this test made for? -.-
  10. What happens if you throw a green stone into the red water?

    • Ok that it! im done with that test!
    • It will become wet.
    • It will become red.
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