Which Classic Horror Movie Killer Are You?

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Personality quiz to see which one of the greats you really are.

  1. How would you pursue your victim?

    • Reality is far too easy. In their unconcious minds is where the fun really begins
    • A swift machete through the torso, nothing stops you as you seek revenge.
    • You don't really know how to react to this person, all you know is that they are a threat to your family and you need to deal with them by any means possible
    • You like to slowly creep after them and watch while they beg for their lives.
  2. What is the reason for your killings?

    • To be remembered
    • You're clearly insane
    • To protect your family and have a nice BBQ
    • Revenge, they all deserve to die for what they did.
  3. What is your one weakness

    • Nothing, you're basically the fucking devil.
    • Everything, as long as you don't have a weapon in your hands
    • Water, but that was that one crappy money grabbing movie where they pinned you against another classic slasher.. Yet in the 6th film Tommy lured you into the water and drowned you.
    • Reality, only in the midst of ones mind can you really deal any damage
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