SWAT Kats Recruitment

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T-Bone and Razor are looking for Recruits. Take the test and see if you are worthy to become a SWAT Kat.

  1. You have tinkered with the Glovatrix and added new additions to it, what would they be?

    • All of the above/Surprise them
    • Hologram Communicator
    • A hidden blade
    • Octopus/Squid Ink
  2. The MetalliKats just robbed the MegaKat City Mint and you have to get the money back how do you get on the hovercraft without getting caught by them?

    • Let the TurboKat lower you and use your HoverBoard to get on the MetalliKat Express
    • Shoot it with an RPG
    • Pursue by Motorcycle
    • Jump on the roof of the MetalliKat Express
  3. Do you Swear to Fight along side T-Bone and Razor against the Omegas and do you also swear to never reveal your Identity and the SWAT Kats Identities?

    • No
    • Yes
  4. Dr. Viper has his paws on Katalyst 115 and is about to pour it on a plant, how do you foil his plans?

    • Shoot a Tranquilizer Dart at him
    • Play Keep away with Katalyst 115
    • Throw it at him
  5. The PastMaster has sent you back to the Wild West and you need to find a way Back to the Future. Who would you go to for help?

    • Sheriff
    • General Store Clerk
    • Female Blacksmith
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