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If you can't ace this one...well, I'm speechless.

  1. The Star Wars saga takes place…

    • A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away
    • During a catfight between Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Anniston
    • During the Academy Awards
    • With some thirty-something guy who lives in his parents’ basement and dresses up like Boba Fett on weekends
  2. The 1975 film, Jaws, is about…

    • Cows
    • A great white shark terrorizing a New England coastal town
    • Former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Ron Jaworski
    • A family reunion where that obnoxious aunt, who reeks of cigarettes and cold cream, drinks too much and won’t shut the fuck up
  3. What is the most famous line from 1997’s Titanic?

    • “That’s no iceberg…that’s a space station!”
    • “I’m king of the world!”
    • “Move over, Rose! There’s plenty of room on that goddamn plank!”
    • “Hey, what do I have to do to get some ice in my drink?”
  4. Which of the following titles is actually a hard core porn film?

    • Die Hard
    • None, but they all sound like one!
    • Super Size Me
    • Lethal Weapon
  5. Michael Bay earned an Oscar nomination for Best Director for which film?

    • Pearl Harbor
    • Armageddon
    • You're joking, right?
    • Pain and Gain
  6. The horror classic, Halloween, takes place on what day?

    • National “Talk Like a Pirate” Day
    • Are you fucking kidding me?
    • National “Kick Grandpa in the Stomach” Day
    • Which version, John Carpenter’s original or Rob Zombie’s remake?
  7. What’s the one thing that can kill Superman?

    • Kryptonite
    • Richard Lester
    • Bryan Singer
    • Zack Snyder
  8. Right now, you are…

    • Eating human flesh
    • Taking this quiz
    • About to send me fifty bucks
    • Licking a cheese grater
  9. What was the first film to win the Academy Award for Best Picture?

    • The Godfather, released in 1972
    • Twilight, released in 2008 (actually, if you even considered this one, douse yourself in gasoline and fire up a cigar)
    • Wings, released in 1927
    • The Silence of the Lambs, released in 1991
  10. The act of paying admission to attend an event in which images are projected on a large screen is known as…

    • Enhancing the filmgoing experience of those around me by making insightful comments whenever they occur to me
    • The opportunity to be a supreme douche by texting my friends
    • A chance to act like I’m at home, even though I’m in public
    • Going to a movie
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