Are you a lesbian?

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Take the quiz and find out you sexual orientation!

  1. What is to your Gender

    • Male
    • Female
  2. Have you ever found yourself starting to have feelings for a guy?

    • Maybe a celebrity
    • No
    • Yes
  3. Have you ever found yourself starting to have feelings for a girl?

    • Maybe a celebrity
    • No
    • Yes
  4. Do you like cats?

    • YESS!! A girls best friend
    • I don't care for them much but i'll have one
    • Nope
  5. How do you feel about plaids/flannels?

    • Hate them
    • I'm country how do you think i feel?
    • Love them but i'm not country...
  6. Do you wear a baseball tee, even though it isn't baseball season?

    • I don't pay attention to when i wear something..
    • No that's stupid..
    • Hell Yeah!!
  7. Do you rolls up the sleeves when you wear a pocket T-shirts?

    • No that's stupid
    • I don't wear pocket T-shirts
    • Yeah, my babygirl loves it..
  8. Do you wear a beanie in the summer?

    • Yeah have to represent.
    • No it's too hot
    • Do you mean when i'm at pride?
  9. Do you know the colors of the Gay pride flag?

    • There is a flag for that?
    • YES!!!
    • I know there is a flag but i don't know the colors.
  10. Would you ever go to Pride?

    • Yeah my favorite block party. Love meeting people of the same-sex and the parade is so much fun.
    • What the hell is pride?
    • No
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