Is Your Relationship Style More Christian Grey or Anastasia Steele?

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Fifty Shades of Grey is all about the power play in a consenting relationship, but whose side of the dominant/submissive fence would you sit on?

  1. What sort of qualities do you look for in a partner?

    • A deep level of emotional intelligence
    • Confidence and power
    • Devotion
    • A spark
  2. If somebody you were crushing on tried to kiss you out of the blue, how would you react?

    • I'd be disappointed, I was about to pull that move!
    • I'd find it disrespectful and pull away
    • I'd be shocked, but i'd go with it
    • I'd feel nauseous with butterflies!
  3. Describe your style

    • I wouldn't really call it a style, to be honest with you!
    • Meticulous and smart
    • Quite generic, but more on the sophisticated side of things
    • Casual but neat and tidy
  4. What qualities do you find annoying in the opposite sex

    • I hate it when somebody is too opinionated
    • An unadventurous nature
    • I couldn't stay with somebody who disrespects other people's boundaries
    • Indecisiveness
  5. Are you a dog or a cat person?

    • Cat
    • Dog
  6. Pick a colour

    • Black
    • Silver
    • White
    • Blue
  7. What is your idea of luxury?

    • Not having to make any difficult descisions for the day
    • Champagne in a penthouse suite
    • A chauffeur driven car
    • A good book in a hot bubble bath
  8. Pick an animal

    • Otter
    • Chipmunk
    • Hyena
    • Lion
  9. Do whips and chains excite you?

    • Maybe...
    • Yep
    • Is the sky blue?
    • You don't know until you've tried it
  10. Hell is...

    • Being misunderstood by everyone
    • Having a life with no passion
    • Other people
    • Losing control of your emotions
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