Which Badass Movie Girl are you?!

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Girl-power to us all! Which ass-kicking heroine are you?

  1. Can you control your temper?

    • Yes - I'm great at holding it in unless I need to use it.
    • It escapes a little more often than it should.
    • I should probably let it out more, as people can sometimes think I'm a pushover.
    • I can never hold back.
    • I've never been that angry.
    • Mostly, unless I am threatened.
  2. What would you fight for?

    • I fight against evil.
    • To protect myself and my family.
    • Whatever I am paid to fight for.
    • I fight for my kind.
    • For equality and fairness throughout the land.
    • Justice.
  3. What would be your weapon of choice?

    • I don't want to fight - so whatever I can find in my time of need.
    • My teeth will do.
    • Guns, guns, guns.
    • Bow and Arrow.
    • Anything - I've been trained to use them all.
    • A steak.
  4. What's your best quality?

    • My stealth.
    • An ability to focus purely on the task ahead.
    • Determination and intelligence.
    • My innocent looks.
    • Maturity.
    • Love for the people close to me drives me forward.
  5. How would you take on the world?

    • I am just looking to protect my family's heritage and collect a few more things along the way. I'm not looking to expose myself.
    • I'm not looking to take on the world - just the people that threaten me.
    • Challenge authority with an act of bravery for all the world to see.
    • Hunt down each bad person one by one.
    • Take on the world? I've only just become used to being a heroine!
    • I don't look to take over, but I will wait in the shadows until it is our time.
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