Who would you be in the Scream franchise?

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Did you ever wonder who you'd be if you were in Scream? Find out!

  1. Who were you in high school/college?

    • The absent ghost.
    • The one that hung with the cool kids.
    • The total nerd.
    • The popular socialite.
    • The lone wolf.
    • The book worm.
    • The slutty fashionista.
  2. What would you do if you were being chased by the killer?

    • Run, and hide!
    • Beat the crap out of him!
    • Why would I run?
    • Scream!
    • Run!
    • Try to be a hero.
    • Look for the nearest weapon.
  3. Would you go to a party while there's a killer on the loose?

    • I really wouldn't want to...
    • I was invited?! Yay!
    • I am SO there!
    • I'd probably be the chaperone.
    • If there was something really interesting going on, then yes.
    • Maybe, if all of my friends are going.
    • I'd be the one hosting the party!
  4. How would you want your death scene to go down?

    • I want to fight 'til the very end!
    • In a way that will always be remembered.
    • Let there be blood!
    • As the hero I've always been.
    • Cute and sad.
    • Why would I die? I could be the killer...
    • I'm not going to die.
  5. Would you want to be in a sequel?

    • Please, Mr. Ghostface, I want to be in the sequel!
    • Only if my loved ones make it too...
    • No, I just want a fun death scene!
    • Of course! I'm a survivor, bitches!
    • After me, there won't be the need for a sequel.
    • I have to in order to make sure this doesn't happen again.
    • I make the rules! Not you!
  6. If the killer called you, how would the conversation go?

    • Ask him what his scary movie is!
    • I'd be thinking, "who is this guy?!"
    • I'd start off slutty, then get really bitchy.
    • I'd tell him to stop being a coward and show up already.
    • I'd want to stay on the phone, just to get in his head.
    • Try and trace his coordinates.
    • At first I wouldn't believe it, but then I'd hang up.
  7. If you were the killer, what would be your motive?

    • I didn't get the girl! Wah, wah!
    • To make things more interesting...
    • I can't be the killer...
    • There's just too many nerds in the world!
    • No one ever gives me credit! Boo hoo!
    • Revenge, baby.
    • I'm just so damn sick of the Scream franchise!
  8. What's your favorite scary movie?

    • I'm more into chick flicks.
    • My life.
    • Showgirls.
    • I don't like that sh*t.
    • Psycho
    • Halloween.
    • I like TV shows much more than movies.
  9. Which Scream would you be in?

    • I'm one of the core three, so no death for me.
    • The entire franchise.
    • The original.
    • You can't kill me!
    • I have no idea!
    • The sequel.
    • As many as I survive...
  10. Finally, if you were killed... Why?

    • Because I made a clumsy mistake.
    • I told you... I am a survivor!
    • Because I am one sexy biatch.
    • I told you... I am the KILLER!
    • Because I was too close to the truth.
    • Because I tried to save someone.
    • Those are just the rules.
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