Which character are you from Cruel Intentions?

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Ever wonder if you're Katherine, Sebastian, Annette, or Cecile? Find out, bitches!

  1. You're interested in your friend's boyfriend/girlfriend, so you...

    • Calculate the perfect opportunity to make your move, making sure you cover your tracks.
    • Would never do it. I respect myself too much.
    • Go for it. One life to live, and only so many conquests to conquer...
    • Friend's boyfriends are just off limits... That's like, the rules of feminism!
  2. You find out that your friend is sleeping with your boyfriend/girlfriend... What do you do?

    • Confrontation. Face-to-face.
    • Revenge is a dish best served cold.
    • Despise yourself for ever giving into love.
    • Hysterically cry myself to sleep.
  3. How would your friends describe you?

    • Virtuous
    • Bitchy
    • Confident
    • Naive
  4. Would you ever make a bet with a friend in which the winner gets to have you sexually?

    • Ew. Gross!
    • I'd never do such a thing.
    • Anytime. Any day. Any way.
    • Only if I get something I really want in return.
  5. What's your favorite line in Cruel Intentions?

    • "You're just a toy... A little toy I like to play with."
    • "I don't believe someone should experience the act of love until they are in love."
    • "The only thing you're going to be riding is me."
    • "Wanna have a sleepover?"
  6. What's your drug of choice?

    • Ponies
    • Reputation
    • Love
    • Drugs
  7. If you went to jail, what would you be in for?

    • Sexual harassment.
    • I'd never go to jail!
    • Possession.
    • Intoxicated in public.
  8. How sexy are you?

    • I'd rather be beautiful than sexy.
    • Ask my conquests, honey.
    • I'm sexy!
    • As sexy as sexy gets. Wanna bet?
  9. Choose one word that describes your life...

    • Wild
    • Dramatic
    • Fun
    • Interesting
  10. What's your favorite film genre?

    • Romance
    • Comedy
    • Action
    • Films like Cruel Intentions
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