Which Horror Character are You?

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are you a dolly/serial killer? test to see if your either one of the top 6 horror i picked out.

  1. Would you rather be ..

    • a family man
    • burnt
    • just a guy wearing a mask
    • a mommy's boy
    • a Doll
    • camp Care taker
  2. What job would you like

    • Serial Killer
    • a hotel owner
    • a Camp caretaker
    • protector of your own property
    • Dream Lord of Nightmares
    • stalker
  3. If you had your own legacy would you ...

    • no legacy just stalking people
    • Kill your family and protect your house
    • Haunt the families that have a better life than you had
    • Desert a camp to be just a ground
    • Having your mother put you through her crime
    • Give vengeance on the cop that killed as a Dolly
  4. What will be your favorite weapon of Choice?

    • a Regular Knife
    • Machete
    • Your insanity
    • Anything that can kill
    • Chef's Knife
    • Claws
  5. What will be the reason to do the things you do?

    • "I dont want others like me to be Bullied in a camp'
    • "I may have killed part of my Family but Home is where the Heart is"
    • No comment
    • "I was so envious that everyone in my hometown has a family and I dont have one"
    • Its not me its my mother she made me this way
    • "To take bach the life that is mine to begin with"
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