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Try the new MP sorting to see which Hogwarts House you belong to! Good luck!!

  1. What is the thing that you most pride in?

    • Hard worker.
    • Power.
    • Braveness.
    • Cleverness.
  2. If one of your friends were dragged off into the wild by a warewolf in the school premises, what would you do?

    • Use your skills to defeat him cleverly.
    • Go get a teacher.
    • Run away.
    • Go at once after it and fight with it, bravely.
  3. If 'He Who Must Not be Named' called you to join him, what would you do?

    • Run away, work hard to keep away from him.
    • Make him convince and escape from him 'Intelligentally'.
    • Say to him,"I would rather fight and die, rather than joining your filthy army!"
    • Join him without waiting for anything.
  4. If you were travelling along a road, and there were three path, one leading to the sea, another to the dark dense forest, another to a castle, which one would you take?

    • Sea.
    • Castle.
    • Turn around.
    • Forest.
  5. If you come to face a 'Boggart', what form would it take when it see's you?

    • The headmaster telling you that you failed in everything.
    • The thing which your most scared of.
    • A teacher telling you that you are one of the dumbest kid i have ever seen.
    • Your own dead body.
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