Which Harry Potter Character Should Be Your Valentine?

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Find out here who is best suited to be your magical valentine. Will your heart be wooed by a gryffindor or slytherin? Take the quiz to find out!

  1. It's friday night. Where do you spend it?

    • Studying in the library for your next big exam even though its not for two weeks.
    • finding a new way to cause mischief and pranking your newest unsuspecting victim.
    • Cheering on your favorite sports team.
    • Hunting for bigfoot or staking out a haunted house in search for spirits.
  2. Which of these things do you find most important to you personally?

    • Always doing the right thing and having integrity, being brave and courageous.
    • The pursuit of knowledge and constantly working to better oneself and teach others.
    • Being able to be positive and make people laugh, not taking things to seriously.
    • Caring about the feelings of others, being sympathetic, as well as caring about animals and the earth.
  3. What's your ideal Hogwarts date?

    • Spend the evening in Hogsmeade, wandering through Honeydukes and drinking butterbeer together.
    • Exploring the library or going book shopping at Flourish and Blotts
    • Sneaking around Hogwarts using the Marauder's Map and making trouble for Filch.
    • Visiting Hagrid to see what new creatures he might have and then go Nargle hunting.
  4. What kind of movies are your favorite?

    • Action or superhero films.
    • Documentaries or true stories
    • Supernatural movies
    • Comedies
  5. What would be your favorite Hogwarts class?

    • Arithmancy or History of Magic
    • Charms or Potions
    • Defense Against The Dark Arts or Flying
    • Care of Magical Creatures or Art
  6. Who is your favorite Hogwarts faculty member?

    • Filch
    • Pomona Sprout or Hagrid
    • Gilderoy Lockhart or Professor Mcgonagall
    • Remus Lupin or Dumbledore
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