What character from Scorpion are you?

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Who are you...Toby, Happy, Sylvester, Cabe, Paige or Walter

  1. You would rather wear...

    • Just pretty whatever you wear
    • blue shirt and loosely worn tie.
    • I just have to wear something clean.
    • suit, tie and sunglasses
    • Leather and Boots! #like a boss
    • Hats.
  2. How sarcastic and how humorous are you?

    • Soooooooooooooo sarcastic
    • I'm too brainy to crack jokes but I deliver a few funny lines now and again.
    • I'm too nervous to crack jokes
    • Humor is in my name and nature
    • I am old but still crack a smile most of the time
    • no. not really
  3. Are you good with emotions?

    • No
    • No
    • No.....Not at all my subject
    • Yes but I try and hide them
    • I have my fair share of frights
    • Yes I handle them a lot
  4. Can you solve a rubik cube?

    • probably if I had a go
    • Yes Easy!
    • Yes well of course
    • No. No way
    • yes but might take a while
    • No I don't think so
  5. Do you have or want children?

    • Yes but only with one person
    • It's very unsafe I haven't got any
    • I might
    • Don't know
    • Yes I have children
    • Yes I have children
  6. Are you good with people/ friends?

    • Yes but don't get along with many people
    • Yes very good with handling people
    • No....no...no!
    • Yes very good there like books
    • No not really
    • Yes
  7. Where would you go on holiday?

    • Somewhere in the city close to work
    • Paris
    • Somewhere away from animals
    • somewhere romantic like Venice
    • somewhere in the countryside
    • Las Vegas
  8. Anyone special in your life?

    • I have 2 in mind
    • Only one boy
    • No but maybe
    • No she loves someone else
    • Only one girl
    • Used to be
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