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Here are some of the most memorable sentence from the series, can you guess who pronounced them to who?

  1. "That's for me to know and for you to dot, dot, dot..."

    • Stefan to Elena
    • Katherine to Stefan
    • Damon to Stefan
  2. "I'm a doubt-planter."

    • Elena to Bonnie
    • Jeremy to Vicky
    • Bonnie to Elena
  3. "They're waste-of-space, small-town lifers."

    • Jeremy to Vicky
    • Matt to Stefan
    • Vicky to Matt
  4. "Matt, there's a reason we haven't met."

    • Damon to Matt
    • Enzo to Matt
    • Stefan to Matt
  5. "And you can tell all that by looking at her ass?"

    • Tyler to Richard
    • Bonnie to Tyler
    • Caroline to Liz
  6. "Hello John! Goodbye John!"

    • Katherine to John
    • Vicky to John
    • Damon to John
  7. "Yes! I would love to know why a non-vampire was tortured by the vampire torture device that you let John Gilbert use against us!"

    • Bonnie to Damon
    • Tyler to John
    • Damon to Bonnie
  8. "There is no "Damon and you"! There's Damon and whoever Damon's using and that people end up dead."

    • Stefan to Jeremy
    • Elena to Jeremy
    • Stefan to Elena
  9. "I killed you! You were dead!"

    • Rose to Elijah
    • Stefan to Elijah
    • Damon to Elijah
  10. "It's okay I'm confused, right? Because we were not expecting you, like, ever!"

    • John to Jenna
    • Jenna to John
    • Elena to John
  11. "I want to create more of me."

    • Klaus to Damon
    • Klaus to Ray
    • Klaus to Stefan
  12. "Yeah, well, why don't you save it for future generation of stubborn, relentless baby Gilbert's?"

    • Alaric to Elena
    • Stefan to Elena
    • Damon to Elena
  13. "I killed you, you want revenge! Get in line!"

    • Damon to Vicky
    • Damon to Mason
    • Damon to Lexi
  14. "If you don't shut your mouth, the next thing to come out of it will be your teeth!"

    • Stefan to Katherine
    • Koll to Klaus
    • Rebekah to Koll
  15. "I stole it from Nick, who stole it from a queen, not sure which one."

    • Rebekah to Damon
    • Damon to Sage
    • Sage to Rebekah
  16. "Wrong time, wrong place, wrong equipment!"

    • Klaus to Caroline
    • Damon to Caroline
    • Tyler to Caroline
  17. "Okay! It's a kitten. It's an adorable exploding kitten."

    • Damon to Elena
    • Damon to Meredith
    • Stefan to Damon
  18. "I'm not happy, I'm dead!"

    • Mason to Damon
    • Bonnie to Jeremy
    • Connor to Elena
  19. " I know you said to kill her with kindness, but can I just kill her?"

    • Rebekah to Klaus
    • Caroline to Stefan
    • Elena to Damon
  20. "My shadow-self is living a better life then I am!"

    • Katherine to Bonnie
    • Elena to Bonnie
    • Caroline to Bonnie
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