Which Spider-Man Love Interest is Your Perfect Match?

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Take this quiz! You just might hit the jackpot!

  1. How would you two meet?

    • At work
    • In high school
    • Chance encounter
    • In college
    • A blind date
  2. What is the basis of your relationship?

    • Having a lot in common
    • A developing friendship
    • A crush
    • Love at first sight
    • Sexually-charged encounters
  3. What is her most defining quality?

    • Beauty
    • Intelligence
    • Work Ethic
    • Seductiveness
    • Popularity
  4. If you were Spider-Man, how would that affect your relationship?

    • She likes me just as Spider-Man
    • She doesn't like Spider-Man, and her finding out wouldn't go over so well
    • She only likes me because I'm Spider-Man
    • She admires me the fact I'm Spider-Man, but loves all of me
    • It wouldn't. She doesn't know
  5. If the Green Goblin were to throw her from the George Washington Bridge, what would you do to save her?

    • Quickly spin a web
    • She'd save herself by landing on her feet
    • Heroically dive to catch her
    • Anything. I'm Spider-Man
    • Nothing. She would not be involved
  6. What would your relationship come to eventually?

    • A love lost
    • She would become my worst enemy
    • We'd end up just being friends
    • Marriage
    • It was nothing more than a crush
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