Which fraction are you?

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If you're a fan of Divergent series, let's try where do you belong!

  1. Favourite color?

    • Black
    • Orange and Yellow
    • White and Black combination
    • Grey
    • Blue
    • I don't have one favourite color
  2. The main thing in your life?

    • Never lie and have everything in order
    • Live! Adventure and seeing everything!
    • I can't choose, it's all!
    • Helping people, being useful
    • Family, Friends, Peace and Love
    • Be smart, that's the most important
  3. Pick an animal.

    • Snake
    • Parrot
    • Horse
    • Tyger
    • Dog
    • Monkey
  4. You're attacked by some person, choose a way to fight back.

    • Better let the person kill me, than my family or friends.
    • Just take a knife and kill.
    • Try to talk, just don't hurt the person, everything has another option.
    • Maybe knife, or gun, it depends on where I am .
    • Find anything and fight back!
    • Hide somewhere and wait until it leaves
  5. Choose a profession

    • I don't know yet.
    • A farmer.
    • scientist or a doctor
    • soldier
    • A Volunteering person who gives food to poor people
    • judge
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