Are you good or bad person?

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Good or bad hmmm. And whowould be your perfect boyfriend Damon, Klaus, Stefan

  1. When somebody you dont know asks you a question you answer:

    • just ignor them
    • With big smile. :)
    • with a grimace
  2. What is your favorite color?

    • Purple, dark blue- little darker colors
    • Yellow, white-light clors
    • black- only simple color black
  3. What is your quality?

    • Smarty pants, acting
    • Playing pranks, acting( to get what you need)
    • Singing, acting(in school plays).
  4. How many frinds do you have?

    • I think frinds from school and some family friends
    • Just couple. I dont need people.
    • I have friends everywere
  5. Are you emotional?

    • Yes. I cry when I am sad and smile when happy.
    • Yes but I dont show sadness in public
    • No.
  6. Do you like animals?

    • Yes, every animal is cute.
    • Yes but not snakes and spiders I hate does kind off
    • Just the creepy ones.
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