Which Wizard or Witch are you?

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Find out which wizard matches your personality best with this quiz.

  1. What would you rely on most to solve the problem at hand

    • I usually just go to people who are more experienced than me
    • I don't care about anybody but me!
    • A wise king
    • Urrk-hei
    • Friends
    • A hobbit
  2. What kind of accessories do you have

    • I wear A tall pointy blue hat (similar to a party hat)
    • Well I have a hood on my cloke but I don't wear it
    • A grey pointy hat with a rim
    • I wear a funky brown hat that have things on the side that look like bird wings
    • I just have normal white hair
    • I have purple hair to match my outfit
  3. What is your favorite color

    • Blue
    • White
    • Grey
    • Brown
    • magenta
    • Black
  4. What would you use magic for

    • To save a freind
    • For the fun of it
    • To stop someone from getting in my way
    • To save my animal freinds
    • Only to fight off the most dangerous enemies
    • To fight off any danger no matter how big or small
  5. What type of person are you

    • The greedy one
    • The Trouble Maker
    • The Leader
    • The wise one
    • The Friendly one
    • The outsider
  6. Which of the following do you Want the most

    • Chaos
    • Someone to share an adventure with
    • Power
    • To be with friends
    • To council people
    • To live without disturbance from the outside world
  7. What do you use when fighting

    • My spells
    • Wand
    • I try to avoid fights
    • Whatever I have
    • A staff
    • I send other people to do my work
  8. What do you use for transportation

    • I prefer not to move I wait for something to com to me
    • I walk
    • I use a magical object to get to people in the outside world
    • Eagle's
    • Rabbits
    • Broomstick
  9. Which tactic do you use when trying to stop the enemy

    • turn into something that can beat them
    • Distract them until someone helps me
    • Find out what there after, I can stop them by getting rid of the object first
    • Wizard dual
    • I send someone else to do my dirty work
    • I believe in diplomacy
  10. Choose a location

    • Orthanc
    • Mirkwood
    • Hogwarts
    • A small hut in the middle of nowhere
    • King Arthur's court
    • I don't have a set location I go wherever needed
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