Battlefield Friends personality quiz

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you might not know what this is, look it up on youtube!!!!! good luck!!!!!

  1. when getting promoted, what would you say?

    • okay!
    • not say anything
    • Yeah!
    • PROMOTED!!!
  2. which would be your favorite tool on the battlefield?

    • jeep stuff
    • chest paddles
    • stinger
    • knife
  3. what would you do if someone died?

    • SEXY MAN POSE!!!
    • ignore it
    • congradulate yourself
    • celebrate
  4. your buddy is goofing off. what would you do?

    • join in
    • be against it, but sometimes join in
    • ask your buddy what they are doing
    • try to decide if you want to win or goof off
  5. if you were to play with the Battlefield Friends, which activity would you do?

    • surprise party
    • space launch
    • the A-team
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