Which Spartan of Noble Team are you?

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Which member of Halo: Reach's elite Spartan tem are yooouuuuu!! No Master Chief btw!

  1. In a firefight, what weapon would you choose...?

    • Kamikaze Pelican...spoiler alert
    • Magnum pistol...tech is my forte
    • Anything goes...not fussy...
    • My legs - cus im running away
    • Sniper rifle...also cool
    • Machine Gun Turret...cool
    • A shotgun...noob
  2. Would you be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice...?

    • Hell no!!!!!
    • Yes - boom
    • Yes - fighting till the very end
    • Yes - I like planes - dislike insects
    • Yes - unknowing
    • Yes - Helping the elderly
    • Yes - going out with an overkill
  3. What's your main method of attacking?

    • Being nowhere near the battle!
    • Right in the split-jaw's faces!
    • Using my technological advantages and knowledge
    • Heavy attack - piling on the bullets
    • Taking up leadership of the Team
    • Doing the best I can for everybody
    • From a distance yet still helpful
  4. What colour do you prefer?

    • Bit of orange here, bit of red there...pimp my armour
    • I'm so interchangeable it is ridiculous!
    • Black and Red...my visor is a tad dull...hmmmm....
    • The colour of nature and stealth...Green
    • Yellow...i had an accident
    • Light blue! Cheery!
    • Dark Blue
  5. How expensive would you want your armour....?

    • Not very! As long as it works...
    • If my armour consists of my bed sheets then not very at all!
    • VERY! And badass...
    • Expensive a leader has got to be smart and high priced, no matter his honour
    • Moderately expensive....stylish!
    • Half expensive...certain limbs are complicated....
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