Which Boohbah Are You?

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Find out which boohbah your are with this quick quiz!

  1. Which Boohbah would you be down to get gay with?

    • The Blue One
    • The Purple One
    • The Pink One
    • Any of them, really
    • None of them! Why would I want to get gay with a boohbah...
    • The Orange One
    • The Yellow One
  2. If you saw someone being bullied, what would you do?

    • Using you're intense party powers, you'd simply tell them about the rad party down the street and everyone would get down.
    • I'd probably be too high to realize what was happening.
    • I'd get my squad and jump the bully, duh.
    • I wouldn't even get involved, it's not my problem.
    • To be honest, i'd probably cry.
    • I'd through glitter in the bully's eyes like the fabulous citizen I am!
    • You may not do anything directly but you would definitely attempt to use your intellect to distract the bully or get someone else to help out.
  3. If you were in funky town, where would you get down?

    • Obviously a drag show, it's Disney princess themed!
    • I'd probably just stay home and watch Netflix.
    • Everywhere! There's too much to see to not try and experience it all!
    • Who cares as long as their is some dank ass product!
    • Probably a library to dig into that cool new book I've been meaning to start.
    • No where, I wouldn't be in funky town. I'm not funky at all!
    • Wherever the party is at.
  4. You see someone that you find very attractive, what do you do?

    • I'm kind of shy and it would be to awkward to talk to them, I guess i'd just hope they notice me.
    • I'd probably try to talk to them but i'd get nervous and start crying.
    • I'd invite them to the party i'm on my way to right now!
    • I do the dance of my people, there will be glitter everywhere how could they resist me then?
    • I'd just offer them a hit of my blunt. That's a good ice breaker, right?
    • Absolutely nothing, fuck people.
    • Literally everything.
  5. What's your favorite part of a person?

    • All of them, people are wonderful!
    • The face.
    • Booty booty booty booty.
    • The brain.
    • The sex one.
    • None, people are disgusting!
  6. What's your spirit animal?

    • I don't have one, half of those aren't even animals...
    • The koala, like the koala is perpetually high on eucalypti, i'm high one other substances.
    • Anything, I can relate to anything!
    • The starfish, they seem so alone.
    • The panda, pandas are always down to party!
    • Tina Fey and her comedy genius.
    • Neil Patrick Harris and his fabulous self.
  7. What color can you most relate with?

    • The colors of the rainbow, duh!
    • Yellow
    • Purple
    • Black, the absence of color. I hate color.
    • All of them!
    • Pink
    • Blue
  8. Who are you in your friend group?

    • The smart one.
    • The fabulous one.
    • I play all the roles!
    • The stoned one.
    • The carefree one.
    • The emotional one.
    • What friend group?
  9. What color are your eyes?

    • Brown
    • Fuck colors
    • Something fabulous
    • I have contacts
    • Other
    • Grey
    • All of them
    • Green
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