Marvel Superheroes Quiz: Which Hulk are you?

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Are you a calm and collected Mark Ruffalo, or a proud Louis Ferrigno?

  1. You spill hot coffee on your lap... what do you do?

    • Get worried about what might be going to go wrong next...
    • Bite your tongue but carry on as standard.
    • Get someone to help you out.
    • No problem. Just go clean it up.
    • Freak out and let everyone know what's wrong.
  2. You can't figure out a question in an exam, so you...

    • Yell about it. Loudly.
    • Figure that it's too confusing.
    • Keep calm... the answer is somewhere in your head...
    • Accept you can't do it, and don't worry about it.
    • Ask the dude next to you. Teamwork!
    • Uh... you're Bruce Banner. You know the answer.
  3. Your friends are going out to dinner, will you...

    • Seems simple enough. Join them.
    • You would... but you've got a bunch of research you're yet to do. Maybe some other time?
    • Go, but only because you want to be the center of attention.
    • They're your friends! If they want a good time, you should give it to them.
    • Go with them, you're generally good with people, so it should be fun.
  4. You hear a scream nearby, and it's dark... what do you do?

    • Get really angry someone disturbed your peace. Take out whoever caused that horrible noise.
    • Check out the scene, and if something's wrong... engage.
    • Grab a buddy and fight crime together.
    • You've got enough to worry about. Keep walking.
    • You want to stop it... but you know sometimes it's best to hold out.
  5. You're called into your boss' office. What are you expecting?

    • Figure that it's probably for a reason, and hey, you've always got something to fall back on.
    • Start worrying. This could be really bad...
    • I better be getting a damn promotion.
    • Go in there and try to make friends. It always works best if you work together.
    • Don't worry about it.
  6. Your best friend is in trouble, how do you act?

    • Get all your friends and figure it out together, as a group.
    • You want to help him... but can't. You know it's best.
    • He can probably figure it out... you have enough on your plate.
    • You always protect those close to you. No matter the cost.
    • Who the hell put him in trouble?! They're going to pay...
  7. You can't decide if you want chocolate or candy, so you...

    • Who cares? It's trivial.
    • Pick one quickly and go.
    • Freak out. Why is everything so difficult?
    • Get angry. All this indecision annoys you.
    • Ask a friend what they want. Always help others, if you can
  8. A madman is terrorizing the nation, what do you do?

    • You don't have much control... you're thrown into the battle.
    • Stop him... the risks of doing so are outweighed by the benefits.
    • Grab your team - Avengers assemble!
    • He's endangering your loved ones. Attack him because you need to protect them.
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