which assassin are you

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which assassin are you be carful there is a secret ending find it

  1. there is a bounty on a rich playboy who do you do it

    • I trash talk him then zap him.
    • I burn him using my epic flamethrower
    • I use my sniper rifle then shoot.him far and safe.
    • I come out of nowhere and poison him.
    • I am the rich playboy.
    • I confront him and and fight to the death
    • I sneak in then beat the crap out of them
    • I eat him.simple.
    • I use my steroids to get stronger and kill him
  2. the playboy has been killed and you are asked to break in to a prison by the same person who you do not now yet

    • you run in in 5 seconds everyones dead
    • you just come in calm and break everyone
    • you run in shoulder charging because your skin bullets just fly off
    • you poison everyone then leave
    • you go in guns blazing.
    • you shoot all the staff one by one then you send your goons to do the rest
    • you blow up the prison killing everyone even the one your trying to bust out
    • your the one everyone is trying to bust out.
    • you try zapping everyone just to end up getting caught
  3. after the job you want the prize only to find out that the hirer is dead.

    • you just eat the guy
    • you go through the files to find out who the guy is.
    • you don't give a shit
    • your the one who killed him
    • you just blow up the place
    • you run in trying to find the prize
    • you try to find out because that is not honour
    • you run scared that your next
    • is there some thing worth anything here?
  4. you are caught by the police next to the body you go to jail how do you escape

    • you are very strong you just kill everyone in your path
    • you just brake the wall and go for a swim
    • you clear up the mistake
    • you change the place to a mad house leaving no one alive
    • you have no way out
    • you start crying and begging to get out
    • you wait it out
    • you sneak out easy
    • I look around for anything
  5. now you bust out you are wanted

    • you hide.
    • you tell your assassins to deal with it.no need to get your hands dirty
    • eat them.
    • you go back to mexico
    • you wait it out then snipe the one who noticed you were out
    • you find all of them and kill them quickly
    • just kill them
    • fly away with your jetpack or burn them your choice
    • kill them than draw smiles on there faces
  6. you find out that the whole army is after you.

    • you and your assassins kill all
    • run throwing tanks at helicopters
    • stay in mexico
    • kill the important men
    • there my men now
    • i'm going down fighting
    • blow them all up
    • kill your self
    • i can get shot by a tank and survive.no worries
  7. you find the president who got the army and your pretty angry and theres a glock 18 sitting there

    • kill him
    • kill him
    • kill him
    • kill him
    • kill him
    • kill him
    • kill him
    • drive him insane then kill him
    • kill him
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