Could You Be A Kingsman Knight?

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The elimination process to become a Kingsman is the most dangerous job interview in the world - could you make it through to join Roxy and Eggsy in saving the world?!

  1. When you travel, how do you usually do it?

    • Whatever's cheap and cheerful! Deals on flights, roadtrip with friends, nothing fancy.
    • Something really interesting - a train with history behind it, a new and improved aircraft, or a super-fast train.
    • Whatever gets me where I need to go! Plane, train, boat... heck, I'll trek there if necessary.
    • Private Jet. I don't like having to be around all those other.....people. Yuck.
    • Something big and sturdy, just in case. Trucks and planes usually, but I would love to go in a helicopter!
    • First Class air travel! There is simply no other way.
  2. What was your favorite subject in school?

    • Lunch! School wasn't really my thing, but those tater tots...
    • PE. I loved playing sports, and was on all the teams as well.
    • Physics. I was in the science club and absolutely loved engineering.
    • History. Ancient kings and queens, wars, political intrigue. It was fascinating.
    • Art. Calm, creative, with lots of field trips to galleries. Heaven.
    • I didn't really have a favorite - I was more of an all-rounder.
  3. What kind of pet would you love to have?

    • A housecat. Nice and simple, and someone to curl up with when I want to read a good book in peace.
    • A snake. Preferably a nice size for draping around myself.
    • A big, friendly mutt. Probably a rescue dog with no real pedigree but lots of love.
    • A German Shepherd. The ultimate police dog.
    • A Persian cat, who would be utterly spoiled.
    • A pet rock. All that walking and cleaning... pets are just too much work.
  4. What is your ideal job?

    • Art dealer.
    • Superhero. What? That's a job!
    • Pro sportsperson - probably football!
    • I don't really care, as long as I get weekends off.
    • Having enough money that I don't have to work.
    • Scientist.
  5. If you were told to kill someone for the job, who would you shoot - but only if you absolutely had to.

    • A stranger. I don't have a lot of emotional attachments.
    • Shoot someone? Uhhh... I don't think I could shoot anyone.
    • Could I simply talk them into killing themselves instead of pulling the trigger?
    • My own mother.
    • Another Kingsman interviewee. We all knew what we were getting into here.
    • My own dog.
  6. What are you afraid of?

    • Spiders.
    • Heights.
    • Losing my mind.
    • Nothing. Come at me.
    • Clowns. Shutup.
    • Mediocrity.
  7. What's your tipple of choice?

    • Whiskey.
    • A nice bottle of red from the cellar, properly decanted and left to breathe.
    • I don't really drink, actually.
    • Cristal, by the magnum.
    • Just a pint, please, mate.
    • Bottled beer. Or from a keg. Or a cooler.
  8. If you were left alone with a box and told NOT to open it, what would you do?

    • Put it down. It would be rude to open it.
    • Try and guess what could be in it and why I'm not supposed to open it. Maybe open it. Maybe.
    • Try and find a way to see through it, or figure out the contents without opening it at all.
    • Smash it open. No going back.
    • Exactly what I'm told.
    • Probably take a peek and then lie about it.
  9. What's your style?

    • Incredibly unique and expressive.
    • Jeans and a t-shirt. Nothing fancy.
    • Combats and tank tops!
    • Professional, practical, simple.
    • It changes from day to day.
    • Always a suit
  10. Finally, which of the following is the most important?

    • Winning.
    • Power.
    • Happiness.
    • Manners.
    • Knowledge.
    • The Greater Good.
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