Does your teacher have a thing for you?

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Find out if your teacher really does have a thing for you or if it's just in your head.

  1. Do she/he start conversations with you?

    • Yes, all the time!
    • Sometimes
    • No I have to start them.
  2. Does your teacher know you're interested in him/her?

    • I'm totally obvious but I never admitted it.
    • Maybe
    • Hell yeah, I told him/her.
    • No way!
  3. Does he/she blush or show any signs of being interested?

    • Sometimes.
    • Yes he/she blushes all the time.
    • Never
    • No.
    • Sorta, he/she tries to hide it.
  4. Do you email on a daily basis?

    • Only about school work.
    • Yes, we're super close
    • Not everyday but often
    • No that's weird
  5. Have you guys formed a close bond?

    • Yes
    • No
  6. Is he/she comfortable around you?

    • Yes.
    • Maybe.
    • No.
    • I think so but i'm not positive.
  7. How often to you hang around with him/her after class/school?

    • As long as we can.
    • For a few minutes.
    • Once in a while.
    • Never.
  8. Does he/she share personal information?

    • Yes.
    • Sometimes too personal.
    • Not sure
    • Nothing he/she wouldn't say to everyone else.
    • No
  9. Does he/she pick on you a lot in class?

    • He/she pretends i'm invisible.
    • Just as much as everyone else.
    • No never.
    • Yes all the time.
  10. Does he/she get awkward or different around you?

    • Haven't noticed.
    • No
    • Yes
  11. Does he/she act differently around you than the way he/she acts in the classroom?

    • He/she acts like we're best friends.
    • Haven't noticed.
    • Yes all the time!
    • No.
  12. Have you two talked about contacting each other in the future?

    • Yes we have.
    • Only about finding each other on Facebook.
    • When I graduate and wanting to stay in contact yes.
    • We never talked about that.
    • No that's creepy
    • Not In a romantic way but yes.
  13. Lastly, do you think your teacher has a thing for you?

    • I'm not positive.
    • Maybe?
    • No.
    • Totally! Just wanted to make sure.
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