Could You Survive Supernatural?

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Quiz 5 question quiz to see if you have wits!

  1. You're at home sitting on the couch and you hear a odd noise outside. What do you do?

    • Frozen in Fear
    • Go outside and check it out.
    • Stay inside and peer out window
  2. You see a demon trying to get in through the window. She sees you. Now what?

    • Run away.
    • Lock yourself in your room.
    • You stay and fight. I got this!
  3. If you choose to fight. The demon has the upper hand. She gives you a side kick to the leg and you are on the ground! Oh no!

    • Fight her on the ground and try to knock her off her feet
    • Give up.
    • I ran.
  4. If you ran: You run until you see a black impala. The demon is close on your tail. What shall you do?

    • Run Forest Run!
    • I fought.
    • Call out to the people in the Impala
  5. You choose to lock yourself in your room: The demon brakes down the door. Way to go.

    • Dodge her and run out the door
    • Shimmy out the window and run to the boys.
    • Currently cowering in fear
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