Are You a Horror Buff Or the First to Die?

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See how well you can survive the night or if your the first victim.

  1. Who was the man behind the mask in Friday the 13th part 6

    • Bubba Hicks
    • C.J. Graham
    • Adam Sandler
    • Kane Hodder
  2. In Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 Bill Mosley said what while Leatherface was chasing the dj

    • Your my Fav
    • Where is my cigarettes
    • Run Rabbit Run
    • Dog will Hunt
  3. In Halloween who did Lori send the kids after for help

    • The Beckers
    • The Judds
    • The Watsons
    • The Johnsons
  4. In the 1st Nightmare on Elm Street what was the first thing Freddy said to Nancy.

    • This is God
    • No running in the hallways
    • Come to me my love
    • Did you have a nightmare too
  5. In the 1st Saw movie, what is the doctors name

    • Dr Evil
    • Dr Gordon
    • Dr Elliot
    • Dr Jordan
  6. In Child's Play what did Chucky leave his footprints in?

    • Mud
    • Sugar
    • Water
    • Cake
  7. In the Devils Rejects what did Bill Mosley say he was on Earth to do?

    • The devils work
    • Killing for fun
    • To scare people
    • Buy Chickens
  8. In House of 1000 Corpses what did the deputy say the people in the house needed to do?

    • We have the place surrounded come out with your hands up
    • Get down and stay down
    • They need to have a yard sale or something
    • Fire in the Hole
  9. In Aliens what did Hudson say they should do with the little girl.

    • Put her in charge
    • Run
    • Feed her to it
    • Leave her behind
  10. In the movie Hero and the Terror what did the killer collect?

    • Gold Coins
    • Corpses of dead women
    • Heads
    • Teeth
  11. In the classic film Evil Dead what did the demons keep telling the survivors they would be

    • Dead by Dawn
    • Forced to join them
    • Turned to Demons
    • Eaten
  12. In the original The Shining movie what did Jack want Wendy to give him.

    • The Knive
    • The belt
    • The Gun
    • The Bat
  13. In Army of Darkness what does Ash say before he is pulled into the Time Portal

    • Somebody help me
    • How do you stop it
    • This is my boomstick
    • Shop smart shop S Mart
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