Which Disney Villain Are You?

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Sometimes, trying to find what Disney good guy are you is boring. Why not find out what villain you are?

Take this quiz to find out your Disney villain side!:)

  1. Would you want to be a:

    • Sometime of talking animal
    • Witch
    • Voodoo Doctor
    • Normal human being
  2. What color of smoke do you enter with?

    • Green
    • Red
    • I enter with two half blind eels
    • I enter with my friends on the other side! (And rainbow color...)
  3. Where is your evil liar?

    • Up in a tall tower
    • In a dead and dark forest
    • Under the sea
    • In a small building in New Orleans
  4. Who do you terrify and haunt?

    • My life source
    • Those who walk into my shop, and prince frogs.
    • Merfolk usually
    • My evil EX's citizens
  5. What have you threatened to do?

    • Take over New Orleans, give people anything they want, and then take it away.
    • Take over their kingdom
    • Steal my enemies child
    • Severly threaten them with sarcastic comments
  6. What villain do you honestly want to be?

    • Mother Gothel
    • Dr. Facilier
    • Maleficant
    • Ursula
  7. Do you believe in happy endings?

    • Happy Endings only exist when I create them
    • I take peoples happy endings to fulfill my own
    • I had a happy ending, now I ruin others!
    • I do have one with my precious flower
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